Staff Development Courses

The courses below assist employers and employees to deal with the stresses and demands of the modern workplace and help focus on the importance of getting it right on the front line with both internal customers and external customers, maximising business potential, improving levels of professionalism, confidence and job satisfaction.

MCA 2005/ DoLs Briefing

This course is aimed at all staff working in health and social work. The Mental Capacity Act (2005) came into force in Oct 2007.

It provides a coherent legal framework for people who may not be able to make their own decisions because of a learning disability, an illness such as dementia or mental health problems. This training session will provide you with a working knowledge of the existing legal framework for protecting adults.

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Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults (at Risk)

This half day course is aimed at all staff who do not have a supervisory or management role but have a duty to pass on safeguarding concerns appropriately. The course looks at the potential causes and indicators of abuse and fulfilling your duty to pass on any disclosures or allegations, the feedback you can expect after making an alert.

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Training And Presentation Skills

Training And Presentation SkillsAn interactive two day course for those who wish to gain knowledge and confidence in training and presentation skills, techniques and considerations. This course extends basic techniques by encouraging a dynamic and flexible approach to training and presentation delivery. You will discover how to ensure that your presentations and training sessions are memorable, relevant and impressive.

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