De Escalation Techniques

Staff Development Courses

This course is aimed at all staff working in direct delivery of services who encounter aggressive and potentially violent situations. The one day course is designed to support staff who deal with potentially disruptive and assaultive behaviours. It enables staff to understand what factors may increase or decrease the likelihood of anger and aggression occurring in work settings. It will consider some strategies and good practice in relation to managing potential angry situations.

Subjects Covered

○ Identifying different stages of defensive behaviour
○ Organising staff members thinking about escalating behaviours in crisis situations
○ Raising awareness of communication and the effects on anxiety level
○ Helping staff develop strategies to safely and effectively respond to the behaviours being exhibited

Training Outcomes

○ Understand what factors may increase or decrease the likelihood of angry and aggressive behaviour occurring
○ Consider and exchange strategies for responding to angry or aggressive behaviour
○ Understand and be more aware of personal safety issues
○ Use the skills to diffuse difficult situations

Course Format

This course is a 1 day session will include a presentation, handouts, group work and exercises. The style of delivery is flexible with scope for adjusting activities to suit individual needs. Maximum of 14 attendees, requires a large space for the group work.

Course Supports

○ Skills for Care Common Induction Standards
○ CQC Essential Standards of Quality and Safety

Course Popular With

This training course is popular with the local authority, adult health and social care, care homes and workers in the voluntary and community sectors.

Please Note: We do not provide scheduled courses for individuals to attend

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