MCA 2005/ DoLs Briefing

Staff Development Courses

This course is aimed at all staff working in health and social work. The Mental Capacity Act (2005) came into force in Oct 2007.

It provides a coherent legal framework for people who may not be able to make their own decisions because of a learning disability, an illness such as dementia or mental health problems. This training session will provide you with a working knowledge of the existing legal framework for protecting adults.

Subjects Covered

○ What is the Mental Capacity Act & why do we need it?
○ The Five Key Principles (What is it founded upon)
○ Triggers & How to assess capacity & what happens if capacity is lacking?
○ Best Interests & Acting Lawfully
○ Restraint & Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
○ How it links into Lasting Powers of Attorney, Court Appointed Deputies, Advanced Decisions, Court of Protection & The Office of the Public Guardian
○ New criminal offences of ill-treatment & wilful neglect

Training Outcomes

○ Apply the principles of the Mental Capacity Act
○ Understand why it is needed
○ Understand that mental capacity is the ability to make a decision
○ Know what triggers an assessment
○ Understand how to assess for capacity
○ Understand what help and support somebody will require to make a decision
○ Know who can be a decision maker
○ Understand the meaning of Best Interests
○ Describe the role of Independent Mental Capacity Advocates (IMCA'S)

Course Format

This course will include a presentations, handouts, group work and exercises. The style of delivery is flexible with scope for adjusting activities to suit individuals needs.

Course Supports

○ Putting People First
○ Skills for Care Common Induction Standards
○ QCF - Health and Social Care Adults level 2 and level 3 diploma
○ CQC Essential Standards of Quality and Safety

Course Popular With

This training course is popular with the local authority, adult health and social care, care homes and workers in the voluntary and community sectors.

Please Note: We do not provide scheduled courses for individuals to attend

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