Wellbeing and Resilience for Teachers

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Wellbeing and Resilience for TeachersNewly qualified teachers are leaving early in their career, due to the pressures of the reality of the profession. We shouldn't see what teachers have to deal with as part of the job. Instead, we need to get better at understanding of what can be done to build their resilience, so the pressures of their job become more manageable.

Who is the course for?

This training course is for teachers and other education professionals who would like to learn about the benefits of developing their awareness and understanding of wellbeing, resilience and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

What will you gain from the course?

○ An understanding of what resilience is
○ How to build your own personal model of resilience
○ An understanding of the theory & key principles of CBT
○ Identification of your own helpful and unhelpful cycles, which impact on your daily life
○ Confidence in using elements of the CBT model, thereby enhancing resilience within your professional and personal life

How long is the course?

Half day session, excluding the break.

Please Note: We do not provide scheduled courses for individuals to attend

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