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Making health and safety a top priority is now a primary objective for many businesses, not only if you’re in hazardous fields such as agriculture, building, construction and engineering, but even in occupations that are generally considered low-risk, such as banking, finance or real estate. If you’re serious about ensuring that you remain a vital and valuable member of your team, protect your career now by refreshing and updating your knowledge and skills in health management.

One of the most significant ways you can accomplish this is to take an IOSH Managing Safely course. IOSH Managing Safely is a training course designed by top international occupational health and safety experts, so you can be sure that the curriculum will be aligned with world-class standards and current strategies. It would be a great addition to your skills cache and portfolio as a mid-career professional, whether as supervisor, manager, team leader and other positions that task you to oversee other employees.

IOSH Benefits

IOSH Managing Safely

So, how will an IOSH Managing Safely course be beneficial to you? The course will detail your responsibilities as a leader in maintaining best practices in terms of health and safety. You’ll have access to tools that will help you effectively asses and manage risks in the workplace, investigate incidents, and identify hazards in order to reduce accidents and illnesses. By keeping your workplace safe and responsible, you’re extending the service to the community that sustains you as an enterprise.

By enrolling in an IOSH Managing Safely course, you provide an additional service to the company. A business organisation with a clear track record of responsible safety management earns its credibility in the industry. By sharpening your skills in managing safely, you’re ensuring that your company maintains its positive reputation and therefore continues to generate good business for you, for your colleagues and for the community.

Taking an IOSH Managing Safely course is a wise move you can make towards career growth. The best thing about it is that the course benefits not only your personal development; the additional knowledge and skills you gained from the training can also be of valuable service to your company, the industry, and the community. Find out more about IOSH Managing Safely in our IOSH courses section and contact us today if you require any further information.

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