About Know How Training

We are approachable, friendly and enthusiastic and are always happy to chat to employees and employers alike about anything related to training or learning. We provide high quality training and are proud of our ongoing partnerships with our clients, from multinational businesses to small restauraunts and schools.

Why use our training services?

When time is money and there's a business to run, who has the time for training? Why not allow us to help? We can support your company to fulfil its legal and training obligations by using real live trainers, with a pulse, a face, a voice, and lots of knowledge and enthusiasm. We feel this gives a far more valuable and effective training experience than sitting your candidates in front of a computer with a password. Your staff will be able to ask questions, query issues, ask advice and share their experiences with their peers. We have witnessed many workplace safety issues being discussed, debated, worked through and resolved by the candidates in the training room. They will remember more, feel motivated and are more likely to apply what they've learnt. Find out more about us and our ethos to training and learning below.

Martin Maddra

Training Organiser
and Company Director

"We feel that the makings of a good trainer include being approachable, encouraging, supportive, flexible, patient, tolerant, perceptive, adaptable, friendly, interactive, creative, persuasive and enthusiastic with a good sense of humour."

Supportive Trainers

We pride ourselves in providing training that people enjoy and feel involved in. Our trainers are supportive of less capable learners and go the extra mile to ensure learners feel good about themselves.

Learn From Experience

We have learnt that training needs to be engaging. Our trainers are experienced and are motivated to bring out the best in others, rouse the restful, convince the unconvinced and involve the reluctant.

Close Collaboration

We work closely with our clients to deliver highly targetted training inline with what their business requires. Each course and it's delivery is tailored to you through close collaboration for maximum benefit.

Passionate Trainers

All of our trainers have a fresh approach to the world of workplace training, putting people at ease whilst effectively passing on their knowledge, understanding and awareness in a down to earth manner.

Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record, with several organisations using our training services continuously since our inception over twelve years ago. We provide proper training, delivered with passion.

Accredited Training

Our courses are accredited and awarded by some of the countries leading and recognised training bodies, where possible. We strive to deliver training that works for you and your workforce.

Our popular training courses

IOSH Working Safely Training Course

IOSH Working Safely

This training provides a thorough and comprehensive understanding of food safety procedures, emphasising the importance of monitoring employees and controls in retail.
IOSH Managing Safely Training Course

IOSH Managing Safely

This flexible safety management programme covers all of the key health and safety issues in the workplace, for managers and supervisors in any sector and any organisation.
Level 2 Award in Food Safety Training Course

Level 2 Award in Food Safety

Devised specifically for thr catering sector, this food safety course is ideal for anyone working in a catering or hospitality setting where food is prepared, cooked and served.
Paediatric First Aid Training Course

Paediatric First Aid

This paediatric first aid course gives candidates the knowledge and ability to deal with emergency first aid situations, particularly when dealing with children, ideal for childcare.

Are you ready for your business
or organisation to take off?

We deliver industry recognised, quality accredited courses to help your business or organisation to take off. We have provided training to thousands of employees, from several hundred staff at international energy corporations and recognised foods chains, to small teams in schools and takeaways. Will your workplace be next?