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Training Under Covid

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The past year has certainly been difficult for us all, with the global pandemic effecting all aspects and walks of life. As a company who specialise in hands on training, it’s been incredibly challenging for us to adapt our courses to the new limitations, whilst still maintaining candidate enthusiasm and engagement. It’s been hard, but we will get through this, and we cannot wait to get back to some kind of normality this year. We like our clients to enjoy their learning experience with us, which is always at its best when candidates can be more physically involved with the practical elements of the course.

With vaccines now rolling out around the country, after a heroic push last year, we look forward to staff training being high on the agenda again, as industries look to bounce back and invest in their workforce. It was interesting to read on the BBC website recently, that it took only ten months to develop the vaccine, following the same steps that normally span ten years. That aside, it has still been a long ten months for us all; well done to those involved. As a business, we currently continue to deliver training, continually adapting and monitoring our course delivery inline with the latest advice from the government and training advisory bodies. Moving forwards, we hope to return to our pre-pandemic ways, being hands on, with candidates in-action like in the photos shown below.

Pre-pandemic training courses

Pre-Pandemic Training Courses
Pre-Pandemic Training Courses
Pre-Pandemic Training Courses

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