Myth Busters Challenge Panel

Health and Safety is often incorrectly used as a convenient excuse to stop sensible activities going ahead. So much so, the Health and Safety Executive has recently set up an independent panel to scrutinize such decisions. The Myth Busters Challenge Panel will look into complaints regarding the advice...

Myth Busters

New Staff Development Courses

Know How Training now offer four new courses to complement our existing range of staff development courses. The selection of new courses includes self harm awareness, interpersonal communication skills and basic councelling skills, along with another focussed around strategies to help people overcome...

Staff Development

New Food Safety Courses

Know How Training now offer six new food safety courses to complement our existing range of health and safety training courses. These courses provide a thorough understanding of food safety procedures, emphasising the importance of monitoring staff, controls and systems.

Food Safety Courses

Ridiculous Health and Safety

Ten of the most ridiculous health and safety excuses of 2012 were exposed by a regulator today. Bans on yo-yos in playgrounds, knives in kitchens and kettles in offices have all been wrongly blamed on workplace safety laws this year. Analysis of cases shows that 38 were down to jobsworths making...

Ridiculous Excuses

Meat Company Fined

Fines and costs of over £20k have been awarded against a company found in breach of meat hygiene regulations and food safety laws. The FSA won a case against a meat company that had failed to make sure meat was kept chilled throughout the entire food chain. Following this conviction, the Old Bailey...

Hygiene Offences

New Training Courses

Know How Training now offers six new courses to complement our existing range of staff development training. These courses assist employers and employees to deal with the stresses and demands of the modern workplace and help focus on the importance of getting it right. The selection of new courses...

New Courses

PAT Testing FAQs

There are many common myths about portable appliance testing (PAT). PAT testing is the term used to describe the examination of electrical appliances and equipment to ensure they are safe to use. Most electrical safety defects can be found by visual examination but some types of defect can only be...

PAT Testing

Food Law Inspections

If you run a business that makes or prepares food, it will be inspected to make sure you are following food law. The inspectors will be enforcement officers from your local authority. This brief guide explains what inspections might involve and the action that inspectors can take.

Food Law

Workers Leg Amputated

A cargo company based in Cardiff has been fined after a lorry driver had part of his leg amputated after being struck by a reversing forklift truck. As his lorry was being loaded with 18m steel beams the forklift reversed, running over his right leg which later had to be amputated below the knee....

Forklift Accident

Printing Company Fined

One of the UK’s leading printing groups has been fined £112,500 after a maintenance engineer was crushed to death in a printing press. Mr Ebbs was working the night shift at the plant in Peterborough in October 2008 when an automated process preparing the presses for a new print run came to...

Worker Death

First Aid Arrangements

You must have first aid arrangements in your workplace. You are responsible for making sure that your employees receive immediate attention if they are taken ill or are injured at work. Accidents and illness can happen at any time and first aid can save lives and prevent minor injuries from becoming...

Arrange First Aid

Children’s Temperature

A fever is a temperature of over 37.5°C. Fevers are quite common in young children and are usually mild. If your child’s face feels hot to the touch and they look red or flushed then they may have a fever. You can check their temperature with a thermometer and measurements should be taken under...

Child Temperature